Monday, September 21, 2015

Lunch Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Today, I have some lunch ideas your children will love. I know I'm not the only one who gets stumped when it's time to prepare lunches for the kiddies. I have two children that pack for school. My oldest takes a full lunch because he attends school all day. I, also, pack him a snack for snack time in case he gets hungry.

 My Kindergartener only attends school half day in the afternoon and is only expected to bring a snack and drink.

My 4th grader is a creature of habit. Once he has something and he loves it, he'll want it over and over and OVER. It drives me nuts because I would like for him to switch things up a little. Last year, he was really into to lunchables and sandwiches. This year, I decided not to buy expensive, unhealthy lunchables and make my own "lunchable" at home.

Below, I share pictures of some of his lunches and list what's in each picture. Even if not pictured, he always takes his thermos full of water. They are allowed to have water bottles in class and he drinks it throughout the day.

Lunch Ideas For Kids:

Grapes, Ritz crackers, Ham with mozzarella cheese rolled, water,
juice, rainbow goldfish and chocolate pudding

Hi-C juice box, Ritz crackers, Ham with mozzarella cheese
rolled, granola bar (homemade), Applesauce, grapes, 
cheez-it crackers

Juice box, Ritz crackers, Ham with mozzarella cheese 
rolled (sometimes I add toothpicks), water, chocolate pudding,
sugar snap peas, rainbow goldfish

Ritz crackers, Ham with mozzarella cheese rolled, pepperoni, 
applesauce, Honest Kids juice, Water, Granola bar (homemade),
 cheez-it crackers

Cheez-it crackers, Ham with mozzarella cheese rolled, pepperoni,
Ritz crackers, in red container: granola bar (homemade), mandarin
oranges, water, Hi-C juice box, seaweed, smarties as a treat.

Hi-C juice box, grapes, Ham with mozzarella cheese rolled, 
Oreos, water, cheez-it crackers, granola bar (homemade)

My kindergartener is a very slow and picky eater, so I try to pack something easy and light, but sometimes he wants a complete lunch and I'll still send something light. Here is an example of a lighter lunch/heavy snack.

I threw in a few Ritz crackers, ham and cheese cut, 
blueberries and grapes and a juice.

He loved it and ate it all. Since he has been wanting full lunches before he goes to school around noon, I have only been packing him small snacks. Examples of the small snacks are pretzels, applesauce and a drink. 

I hope this post gives you some ideas. I try to throw healthy and fun things in so they don't get bored. I, also, include a fun note or a joke

What kind of lunches do you pack in your kid lunch? Share your ideas below.

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