Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Dollar Tree Finds (Haul with pictures)

I love the Dollar Tree. I, especially, like shopping for the treasures and organizing materials! I recently went into the Dollar Tree to pick out a couple of things for my son's birthday, We walked down the aisle that usually has the tech related things and spotted lots of DVDs. This aisle doesn't usually have much for us, but this time was different.

My kids have been into Mario Bros. since my 9 year was 2! We have lots of Mario Bros. related things in our house, their room and their bathroom. They have many DVDs as well, but we spotted some that they didn't have AND for a dollar!! I think I was just as excited about the DVDs as the kids were.

 If your kids are into Mario like mine are and loved watching The Super Mario Bros DVDs then head out to your local Dollar Tree and check it out.

Here are the DVDs we picked up:

I also grabbed two The Cat in the Hat Knows A lot About That! DVDs for my two year old.

 I grabbed a Jillian Michaels' workout DVD for myself.

For the regular cost of one of the DVDs we were able to get 9 DVDs!

One isn't pictured because it was a purchase for my 6 year old's friend. He picked him out one of the same DVDs.

What are some of the treasures you've found at Dollar Tree? Share below.

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*Dollar Tree picture was taken from the Dollar Tree website. I do not own this picture!

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